Microscope Questions

A microscope on a turquoise background with a Microcosmos logo on the base.

Help! I’m having technical difficulty with my microscope!

Don’t worry! We’ve made some instructional videos to reference! You can check those out here. If the videos don’t answer your question, send an email with a detailed description of the trouble you’re having to james@microcosmos.store and we’ll be happy to help!

I’ve lost the manual to my microscope - can I get another one?

My microscope broke/is broken - can I get a replacement?

Reach out to us at microcosmos@dftba.com and let us know what part is broken (if you don’t know the name of it, a photo or description of the piece will be helpful!), and we’ll help determine if it’s a part we can replace and send the new part to you. Since the microscope is quite heavy and expensive to ship, a damaged part will not automatically qualify for replacement of the entire microscope - we will always try to determine the part that is broken and send you a replacement, if possible.

Can the filters, lenses, cellphone adapter, etc. be used with other microscopes?

Our microscope accessories were designed to fit our microscope but will also fit most standard microscopes. If you order accessories for a microscope you already have, but the parts don't fit, please refer to our Return Policy for additional information.

Why has only my microscope shipped? / Why was my microscope left out of my order when it shipped?

Due to their size and weight, we’re unable to pack your microscope together with the rest of the items in your order. For this reason, you’ll be charged separate shipping fees at checkout: one for shipping the microscope and one for shipping the rest of the items in your order. When your order ships, you’ll receive two separate shipping confirmations emails, each with a unique tracking number for each shipment. 

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