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The Microcosmos Microscope

The Microcosmos Microscope

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Have you ever wondered about the unseen world that surrounds you? Well, we worked hard with James, our Master of Microscopes, to produce a microscope that will hopefully introduce a lot more people to the world of microscopy. We even included a phone adapter so you can share pictures and videos of your own journey though the microcosmos.

This microscope is very similar to the one that we filmed our first YouTube videos with, and it comes with a field guide as well as a series of instructional videos to help you take your first steps into the your own microcosmos.

This Microscope comes with:
Four objectives that will give you 40x, 100x, 400x, and (with oil immersion) 1000x magnification.
A smartphone adapter.
The Microcosmos Field Guide

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