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Journey to the Microcosmos Calendar 2024

Journey to the Microcosmos Calendar 2024

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This year, we’ve taken some of our most popular microscopic friends and put together our 2024 Journey to the Microcosmos Calendar featuring highlights from some of your favorite Microcosmos episodes.

We’ve got your tardigrades, your rotifers, your amoeba, and hydra, but we’ve also got the long-necked Lacrymaria, the sea monkeys with a dark past, and a couple of discoveries that James was shocked to come across like the Spirostomum and the Legendrea

Each page features a little blurb explaining what it is you’re looking at and a fantastic photo that showcases our Master of Microscopes James Weiss’ work as a microscopist.

  • 2024 Calendar with pages from January to December
  • 11.5-inches square (29.2 cm square)
  • 80lb satin cover, 100lb satin interior
  • An exploration of the key characters of the microcosmos
  • Special holidays relevant to fans of Journey to the Microcosmos!
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